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BuildMultiboot is a platform independent implementation of Bart Lagerweijs "Cdrpack 1.3". It is written in Java using Swing and requires cdrecord/mkisofs installed in $PATH or in the same directory as the buildmultiboot.jar file.

BuildMultiboot is distributed under the terms of the "General Public License" Gpl.

BuildMultiboot is a comfortable Frontend for cdrecord/mkisofs which allows you to burn your MultibootCDs and others comfortably.

To use it, just extract the into your home directory. If you want to use it unter Microsoft Windows (R), you also have to download the cdrecord/mkisofs pack (distributed under the terms of the "General Public License" Gpl) and you have to install ASPI drivers on your system.
You can get the aspi drivers from Ahead Nero (just copy the file to the dir where cdrecord.exe is) or from Adaptec (just run the setup program and reboot).

To create a MultibootCD using Boot Scriptor you can download the Boot Scriptor plugin (BuildMultiboot is distributed under the terms of the NASM License.)

For further information have a look at the Boot Scriptor - Page and also at Bart Lagerweijs Page, you can use every plugin for Cdrpack 1.3 you get there together with BuildMultiboot.

Last Changes 10.01.2003, by Simon Rutishauser